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Discover Paxos Island

Paxos untouched by time, is the smallest Ionian Island seven miles by two and is located just nine miles off the southern most tip of Corfu and ten from the mainland of Greece. Paxos has no airport and for this reason has thankfully eluded the masses who flock to the neighboring islands.
This magical island holds many enchanting surprises of natural beauty and contrasts. The East Coastline is enveloped in a silvery green cloak formed by the olive trees sloping gently to glistering blue waters. Numerous secluded coves and bays offer solitude of which some are only accessible by boat, the clarity of the sea make snorkeling an excellent pursuit for the more energetic.

Tiny harbors with colorful fishing boats complemented by picturesque houses typify the coastline.
The West Coast has a dramatic array of the most stunning limestone cliffs dropping away to bleached white shingle bays, huge caves, blue grottoes and crystal waters of aquamarine, truly worth a visit by boat. Paxos surely must be a walkers paradise with it network of mule tracks and donkey paths breathtaking views and natural geological wonders.

The hue and aroma fill the air as you brush past the naturally formed country herb gardens. Spring particularly holds a wealth of flora and fauna, the fire flies appear as darkness falls twinkling like fairy lights. Dramatic views over Erimitris cliffs, stretches of pure blue Ionian Sea and beyond, the mountains of Epirus.

Approximately, half the islands population of 2600 live in three main villages of Gaios, Loggos, Lakka. To an extent they relay on oil from their olive trees and fish from the sea, just as the islanders have done for hundreds of years. Almost a mile off the southern tip of Paxos is the tiny vineyard island of Anti Paxos, producing local wine which is a must to sample if the opportunity arises. Only two mile long and one mile wide, it has stunning natural bays with pure white sandy beaches. The glistering crystal waters are incomparable to any other island. The Paxos people are characteristically self-sufficient and many households keep livestock, produce their own wine, build their own houses and manage small business with an energy and diligence that is inspiring.

Paxos is very special, once stepping on this island the outside world seems to vanish. Time to amble, breathtaking views at every turn, pause for a moment, the scent of rosemary, thyme and sage fill the air, the simplicity of life captivating.

If you are searching for serenity, a step back in time and chance to mingle with true local people, you need look no further than Paxos.

Useful Telephone Numbers
POLICE 00 30 26620 32222
PORT AUTHORITIES 00 30 26620 322