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Scuba Diving

if you want to discover the secrets hidden in the magical underwater world that Paxos offers, then we have the right solution for you. Rich in flora and fauna and archaeological interest, the bottom of the island of Paxos is sure to thrill you and will leave you with wonderful memories. The educational center water planet provides high quality diving services on a personal level.

  • The center provides all necessary equipment for a dive. Wet-suit, weight belt, air cylinder, pressure regulator, BCD, etc. All certified with ISO.
  • Providing escort and to already certified divers
  • Training for beginners and experienced divers
  • Programs for children brings the underwater world in children’s eyes.
  • Supply and installation of helical anchor to the seabed to create moorings with surface float.

The trainersl, experts at joined recreational diving will help you from your first breath underwater until the certification of your degree.